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US DOT# 2889648

MC# 970646

Downey Trucking, LLC is based out of Southern California. We have several accounts in California which allows us to travel the entire United States. Through Networking, we have been able to acquire several accounts back East. The importance of this helps lower transportation costs, allowing us to be in multiple areas at once. We can transport anything that will fit on our trailers or roll behind our trucks. Most of our drivers have been trained by the San Bernardino County Sheriff's EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operations Center) which is one of the premier driver training facilities in the country. This allows for safer operations and better training for our new drivers. Giving you peace of mind your items will arrive safely and damage free.

Our Goal is to be the top transport company in the United States. Unlike other transportation companies we do not hire just anyone with a truck and little or no experience. We understand how hard you worked for your personal possessions. The last thing you want is a truck arriving that looks like it just did 100 laps in the movie " Days Of Thunder". We contract to individuals with the drive, no pun intended, who respect their vehicles and equipment. This transfers the same pride and care into your items. By using Downey Trucking, LLC you benefit from the luxury of not waiting for a semi-truck to fill its trailer up, which can take weeks to accomplish. Our savings are instant and We can expedite your material and provide fast, last minute delivery options.

If you're not interested in transportation, call us and let us answer any questions you may have about Travel Trailers. Due to us having several RV accounts, we have been educated on the industry and have familiarized ourself with the products. We can direct you to the trailer that fits your needs and budget. Let us introduce you to the dealership that will have you in mind, not their check book.

We can't wait to build a relationship with you. God Bless and Thank You.

Downey Trucking, LLC